About Us

Charity’s Closet Mission

The purpose of Charity’s Closet is to provide a dependable source of revenue to support HIS OC; and to raise the awareness of our shelter and the ever-increasing homeless problem in Orange County.


HIS OC (Homeless Intervention Services OC) began serving the needs of the homeless in 1989 when the Placentia Presbyterian Church purchased the property next door. HIS OC is a Transitional Living Shelter where resident families stay for four months while working and saving to be able to move into permanent housing.
The mission of HIS OC is to help people regain self-sufficiency by have a place to call home, work that is meaningful, meals on the table, and a sense of belonging. The shelter provides housing, food, household supplies, case management, job development, individual and family counseling, and personal support. Over the years, the house has been expanded, the programs and services increased, and the number of residents completing the program has grown. Since 1989, over 3000 people have been helped to regain self-sufficiency with the help and support of people from the surrounding communities.

Charity’s Closet

By 2004, it became apparent to HIS OC volunteers that the staff and residents could no longer accept or process or use the tremendous volume of donations from the community, and a plan for a Thrift Store in the neighborhood was researched and developed. In March, 2006, an all-volunteer group opened a store where donations were made available to the general public with all the proceeds from their sales to go to the support of the shelter.