Charity’s Closet Volunteer Enrollment Form

Charity’s Closet High School Community Service Volunteer Enrollment Form

Volunteer Needs

We are always interested in adding new volunteers to our staff.
There is a wide variety of ways to volunteer at Charity’s Closet and help support HIS OC.
Fill out one of the forms listed above and email to the thrift shop or bring it to the shop.

Charity’s Closet is an ALL-Volunteer organization.  The shop is managed, staffed, and supported by over 70 volunteers.  Our volunteers fill the following positions:

Regular Roles

There is a Management Team that oversees all aspects of the shop and staff.
Day Managers
There are Day Managers, who in turn, assume responsibility for running the shop for a  specific day.  Some work once each week, others work twice a month or once a month.  In addition, this group works with the management team to help set policy and make operational decisions.
Category Specialists
This group is comprised of the heads of each type of item we sell in the shop (i.e. women’s clothing, housewares, shoes, jewelry, children’s).  They oversee what merchandise goes on the floor in their area, the sorting and pricing.
General Volunteers
These people do a variety of things – mainly work on the sales floor or in the back sorting and accepting donations.  This is a whole or a half-day shift.
General Volunteers for Saturday, one of our busiest days.
Holiday Team
A great job for those who love Holidays. We have a large inventory of Holiday merchandise that needs to be ready for display. A busy job for a short time.